Transforming Others Video & #DanceWithJesus LinkUp

I help others because I feel a need to walk them through the same transformation that I experienced. I feel a need to help folks go from that dark, broken spot (where I was so isolated) to move forward and transition to a spot that’s filled with grace and peace.

I literally see this as a journey. What I know and feel compelled to do is share that process and that journey, and to help others walk through it, because the journey is the graceful spot.

I feel the need to help others be transformed, because it’s not who we are or what we do, it’s part of being healthy, whole and at peace. To be out of the broken spots, out of the grief, and out of the places that are so dark.

I feel compelled to help others be transformed. That’s why I do what I do today. You can go to my website,, click contact, and the information is readily available for you to contact me. To start transforming yourself.

Or you can click the “Share Your Story” tab and send it to me.

I look forward to hearing your story and knowing what your transformation is all about.

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25 thoughts on “Transforming Others Video & #DanceWithJesus LinkUp

  1. “The journey is the graceful spot” <— Love this! Simple words, but such a powerful truth. Susan, you are helping others in such an incredible way. You are kind, passionate, and selfless and those are all truly beautiful qualities to see in another heart. You are a very special lady. Infinite blessings to you, Love! 🙂

  2. Susan,
    Even in our grief, we can dance. A Pastor in my area, Dr. Jasmine Sculark has a book called Dancing With Broken Bones. Thank you for encouraging God’s people to see His hand of grace through our trials and keeping dancing, in time, in step with the Master.

  3. “What I know and feel compelled to do is share that process and that journey.” Healing is truly a process. We want quick. We want to just feel better. Have life back to normal. There is no going back. “Normal” is no more. We must learn to live a new normal. Tough to get there but it can be there for us if we stay on that journey you speak of. I so appreciate your transparency and openness about your pain. Thanks girl.

  4. I love how you say the journey is the graceful spot. It’s on the journey that we see how faithful God is and how He pours out His grace on us. Thank you for all you are doing to help and encourage others! xoxo

  5. “The Journey is the graceful spot.” Amen! We sometimes overlook this powerful truth. Thank you for these words of wisdom today, Susan! I am always blessed by your insight.

  6. Your ministry is so needed because in the journey of grief there are no set steps or answers to the “why” behind all we are feeling. Everyone’s journey looks so different but we all need an understanding ear or community to listen and walk with us. Thank you for all you are doing! Blessings!

    1. Mary thank you for that feedback. I want folks to share their stories. So they can see just how much progress they have made. And then take another step. Hugs. Susan

  7. Susan…It has been on my list for the last several weeks to spend some QT at your place (website). I made that time be today. I must say that I love your ministry! You are a breath of fresh air to the Body of Christ! And I mean that sincerely…so much so that I just pre-ordered my copy of #DanceWithJesus: From Grief to Grace! #RaRaLinkUp

    Side Note: I will be bringing it with me to She Speaks so that I can get your autograph! <3

    1. Yolanda, your words just blessed my socks off, as my momma would say! Thank you. And I look forward to autographing it for you. How fun is that?!

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