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The best story has yet to be told. What if it’s yours?  I can’t begin to imagine what you have experienced in your lifetime. I do know what it feels like to be compelled to answer the questions posed in Dance With Jesus, From Grief to Grace. I feel very much like God breathed them onto the pages for YOU … and me. This place is for YOUR STORY. Tell it. Even if answering the questions is simply for you to SEE your story. Please do feel free to share your story here.  Or you may prefer to answer the personal reflection questions found at the end of each chapter in Dance With Jesus: From Grief to Grace.  If that is your preference, please click here to answer those questions as you tell your story. We can make no promises or commitments to you for submitting your story, however, what if YOUR STORY is featured in an upcoming blog, tweet, or God willing, a future book?

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