Rock Solid Faith

Rock Solid Faith

I help people be transformed from a place of loss and grief, to a place of grace. People ask me why my faith is so rock solid. I’ve always known Jesus, I’ve always been a Christian, but I had a pivotal moment where I went from believing there was a God, to knowing God up close and personal.

I got a phone call on a Tuesday from my mother and the words she said made me pause and gasp. She said my sister Bette, a beautiful PhD nurse, did the unthinkable. She bought a gun and used it … on herself.

In that moment, I felt a physical caress across my heart. I heard out loud, audibly, “I got her. She’s mine.” And peace encircled and encompassed me.

The reality is that never before, and never since, have I felt the physical touch of God. Never before, and never since, have I heard the audible voice of God. And never before, never since, have I felt that all-encompassing, exquisite, indescribable peace. Beautiful.

I went from believing in God to knowing Him up close and personal. And that literally changed my faith, from knowing there was a God, to knowing God.


6 thoughts on “Rock Solid Faith

  1. That is the kind of peace that, as Philippians 4:6-7 says, “surpasses all understanding.” People do not understand it because it can’t be understood. I am so glad God gave you that peace, Susan, and you are giving your gift to others. You are an inspiration to everyone who experiences those moments of unthinkable grief.

    1. Thank you, Abby. It does surpass all understanding. Heavenly things defy human descriptions. Love how God lifts us up when we look up to Him.

  2. Susan, God loves you so much. To think that he offered you that comfort, in that moment, is so special. You are now going to offer comfort to so many others in the same way. I am cheering you 100% along the way. Much love to you. Keep pushing strong for Jesus. #RaRalinkup loves you!

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